You can call it an agency representing creatives in the film industry. You can call it a collective of people that all pursue a similar vision. Call it what you want (although we do call it a “talent management agency” if you insist on putting a label on it)

MATCH is not just about providing directors and cinematographers for productions and agencies. And it definitely is NOT about dropping big names and “deals”.

It is about finding the perfect match between people and projects. It’s about honest and straightforward communication. This business we work in is a people-business. And MATCH represents a collective of likeminded creative people, which are not just pure talent but trust and believe in each other and love to work and grow together.

With MATCH you get real people you will love to work with and fit to your project.

MATCH was founded by Kristina Schreitel in 2018.

Kristina was born in Munich and spent her life moving from the Bavarian Alps to Brazil to South Africa and currently resides in Berlin.

She kick started her career in the film industry at the director’s department of a commercial film production before she went freelance for production companies and renowned talent agencies and even went on to marry a DP.

But nothing made as big an impact as being the mother of three. No school or company can teach you the resilience, empathy, calmness, diplomacy and communication skills that having three kids teaches you.