Blitz Opaque is the creative collaboration of Annika Müller and Alexander Tank. The directing duo loves to play with moments of revelation and the mysterious to create vivid audiovisual stories. Their work is a colourful fusion of their different backgrounds and perspectives:

Alexander’s approach to filmmaking grew out of the aim to capture the art form of snowboarding. He is obsessed with conceptual compositions and visual experiences, always looking for the aesthetic beyond the obvious. A handwriting he expressed in short films for Adidas and Mercedes. Avoiding categorisations, he is convinced that the most fruitful collaborations come from the shared sense that we are designing our collective reality.

Annika is fascinated with the many facets of human existence, which is the foundation of her work. After finishing her Master’s Degree in Human Centered Design she further developed her passion through designing participatory experiences. In the past years she has worked in the creation of audiovisual campaigns for clients like the Red Cross. Her focus lies on storytelling and writing.

Annika and Alexander live in Innsbruck, Austria, where they share not just their love for film making, but also for the mountains.