Julian Robinet is a director of photography from Cologne, Germany. After visiting Cape Town for many years he has a permanent place there and is now based between Berlin and Cape Town.

Julian’s career began with his personal love for films. Having spent a good part of his youth as a professional windsurfer, Julian put his love for film into action by shooting sports clips with his DSLR.
He is fascinated by elements in motion and focused his work in the past two years on shooting advertorials for blue-chip clients such as Mercedes Benz, SMART and BMW.
His style ranges from rough honest handheld to beautifully composed motion driven imagery
Before deciding to put all his effort into filmmaking, he successfully worked as a Photographer. His main influences are Music, Nature and Surfing.

Nowadays, his work as a director of photography for commercials, advertorials and documentaries takes him around the world: from Iceland to South Africa across Maui to Malaysia. He still draws the same excitement and joy from making films as he did when he started.
Being very collective-minded he frequently collaborates with friends and fellow artists.
His skills in editing help not only to sophisticate his strong vision but also a profound understanding of each aspect that flows into the creation of a film.





BMW // i8 #earlybird

MERCEDES // 48 hours in istanbul

RODrigo braz teixeira