Up-close, engaged and focused, this short follows the inner and outer state of strength of Evander - a young boxer from Berlin. Capturing the mentality of an athlete in training, the story centres around key themes of any pre-fight mode - endless training both physical and mental, which builds up for days, weeks and months to a win or no-win. Not allowing challenges and struggles to define him, but instead make him stronger, his reality lives within the ring.

July, 2019. Berlin, Germany
Director - Emil Schramm
DOP - Stephan Mühlau
1.AC - Andrea Pedrinelli
Editor - David Fabra
Grading - Manuel Portschy
Sounddesign & Soundtrack - Björn Swoboda
Soundrecording - SCHWARM audionetzwerk
Talent - Evander Osòrio



Germany based director and photographer Sebastian, born on a rainy day in 1990, always had a thing for aesthetic visuals, sports and music.

In the past few years he collected experience through working with brands like Mercedes-Benz, Ford, BMG, GREY and numerous sport clubs like 1.FC Köln, Bayer 04 Leverkusen and many others.

His first steps in visual arts was a school photography project at the age of 15 and since then it developed to something bold and beautiful. After studying communication design and design theory he developed a reduced and clear style. Always on the hunt for that extra pinch of something special.

Through his time at university he got a clear picture of communication with target audiences and how to deliver a message to it’s recipient through a clear visual language.

ANNETX "ANOTHER U" by Jay Walker

A beautiful new music video from our director Jay

Starring: AnnetX and Janek Gregor
Director: Jay Walker
Cinematographer: Tomáš Kotas
Camera Assistants: Karol Pružinský, Jakub Ptáček
Wardrobe Stylist: Marek Volf
Hair/Make-up: Eliška Matějková
Colorist: Patrik Velek
Thanks: Achtung 4K @liffstudio @biofilms.cz