An amazing piece from our DP Igor Smitka. Directed by Adam Csoka Keller.

When Stravinsky’s the Rite of Spring was first premiered in 1913, its' ground breaking use of ballet composition and choreography was seen as so scandalous a riot broke out. For the 106th anniversary of this piece, Culture device held a 10 week residency at the Royal Opera House, reimagining and reinterpreting this ballet. The first dance troupe of its kind; Culture Device is a group comprised solely of extraordinary dancers with downs syndrome. Directed by Adam Csoka Keller, with additional photography by Evelyn Becicova, the film presents both the fantastic work of the dancers; and also their views on working in the arts, Spring and having an extra chromosome. The result is something we hope encapsulates the revolutionary spirit of the original Rite of Spring, and the ballet Russe.